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10 Best vegan restaurants in Mumbai | One Good India (2022)

10 Best vegan restaurants in Mumbai | One Good India (2022)

Mumbai has many great vegan restaurants and cafes. Some of the best vegan restaurants in India, in fact, because Mumbai is one of the most vegan friendly cities in India! With more vegan places and options coming up on a daily basis, vegans, vegetarians and those who follow other variations of a plant-based diet can find satisfying meals at any time—whether they want a quick snack or an elaborate feast.

So if you’re craving a wide range of meatless cuisine in India's largest city then here are some suggestions for your dining pleasure in no particular order:


1. Rare Earth - The Vegan Cafe

Rare Earth Cafe is an excellent vegan option near Khar Station (West) and Khar Vegetable Market if you're craving Western foods like nuggets, milkshakes, burgers & sandwiches, Italian classics like pizza & caesar salad, or familiar comfort foods like hakka noodles & dosas, this is your spot!

2. La Cane Bistro

Located on Hanuman road, La Cane Bistro offers a wide selection of all vegan foods to choose from. Indulge in a hazelnut brownie milkshake, smokey tofu sandwich, avocado toast, pizza, and tons of drinks made from sugarcane juice. 

3. Glee Gourmet

If you need dairy-free, gluten-free, and sugar-free raw food, Glee gourmet is one of your best bets. You can expect Thai food, Italian food, a juice bar, Middle Eastern food, and Mexican food, all 100% raw and vegan! 

4. Earth Cafe

Earth Cafe is a favourite amongst vegans in Bombay. Choose from vegan tofu scramble, granola parfait, smoothie bowls, burgers & fries, sandwiches, wraps, pizza, mac & cheese, spaghetti and meatballs, veggie steak, chocolate cake, ice cream, and SO much more!

5. Aharveda

Did you know there’s a fully vegan restaurant at the Hotel Golden Chariot? Every dish is oil-free, sugar-free, gluten-free, and 100% plant-based! Enjoy a variety of soups, salads, mains, and desserts, completely guilt-free!

6. Meera’s Magic

Meera's Magic is an Indian Whole Foods plant-based restaurant serving up classics like Maggie but in a healthier way! 

7. Thank Gourd

Thank Gourd is a fully vegan pan asian restaurant with enough dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Enjoy thai curry, biryani, vegetable gyoza, bao, and more! 

8. Earthlings Cafe

Earthlings Cafe is a comfort food vegan restaurant that mainly features Western dishes such as vegan omelets, cheesy tofu scramble, fries, tofu stir fry, chicken fritters, garlic bread, club sandwich, burgers, pizza, pastas, salads, smoothies, shakes, and decadent desserts!

9. The Green Affair

The Green Affair is a new vegan cocktail bar that has popped up in South Mumbai. Enjoy flavourful soups, colourful salads, truffle fries, wraps, burgers, pizza, pastas, bowls and more on a gorgeous rooftop with a view of the world famous Bombay skyline!

10. GoodDo

As one of the more well-known vegan restaurants around town, GoodDo is never a bad choice. With several different outlets, GoodDo offers delicious vegan options anywhere in the city at a reasonable price. Get vegan shawarma & rolls, desserts, fried chicken, keema samosas, fries, nuggets, steamed momos and so much more! 

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