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Make a Vegan Burger in Less than 10 Mins (India)

Make a Vegan Burger in Less than 10 Mins (India)

Vegan burgers are taking over!

The sun is out, and so is our latest vegan burger patty!

Burgers are a favourite all over the world because, well, who can pass up a good burger every now and then?

They're juicy, packed with protein, fun to eat, and they have a versatile flavour profile. The only problem is that they're made with a lot of animal cruelty…

It’s time to rethink burgers. How about this instead: a 100% plant-based, grilled-to-perfection vegan burger patty with the same toppings you love! It tastes the same and takes the same amount of time to prepare, but unlike other mushy veggie burgers you've tried, this one has a meaty texture that'll hold its shape. This burger was made to be eaten by both vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike! Let’s get into how and why anyone can enjoy this product. 

Why you should choose a vegan burger patty

You can finally chow down a mighty burger (or two) without a heavy conscience. You can eat these burgers over and over again without cutting the lives of animals short. 

On top of that, the ingredients are more sustainable because they’re grown and sourced locally. This burger cares about farmers, animals, and the planet. You are what you eat, so if these issues matter to you, this is the perfect meal for you to indulge in anytime, anywhere!

It’s more affordable 

Premium burgers that are grass-fed, organic, and natural aren't as affordable as this patty, and since it's 100% plant-based there isn't any need for guilt-free labels. This product is 100% guilt-free, no questions asked!

You’re not going to get a foodborne illness

If you don’t cook these patties all the way through, you’ll never have to worry about getting dangerous foodborne illnesses like e coli or salmonella, which are becoming more and more common in India. 

Salmonella and e coli both come from foods contaminated with animal feces. Yuck. Every One Good Patty is made with the highest quality and safety standards, and definitely without animal feces…

Reduce animal suffering every single meal

Your choices make a powerful difference in the world. When you choose more plant-based burger patties, you are decreasing the demand for products that actively harm animals and the environment.

We believe you vote with your dollar. Instead of supporting corporations that harm the environment and mistreat animals, you can support plant-based companies changing the way we think about food. 

Steps to make the perfect vegan burger

Now it's time to get into burger basics. A great burger is made up of a bun, a plant-based patty, sauce, and toppings. When you bite into a burger, you want to be able to taste all the layers you’ve added without something slipping out. Right? Here’s how to stack a perfect burger right every time:

  1. Start with a toasted bun for crunchiness
  2. Add your sauce. This acts as a barrier to prevent the juiciness of the burger from making the bun soggy
  3. Add a bed of lettuce or greens of choice
  4. Add thick slices of tomato
  5. Add the cooked patty with One Good Cheddar Cheese
  6. Add the pickles and onion on the melted cheese slice
  7. Add your sauce and top it off with the bun!

Build up the burger

Vegan burgers are just as flavourful as regular burgers because flavour and seasoning comes from plants! Check out our favourite ways to have a burger:

  • Mash some ripe butter fruit and spread it on one side of your bun 
  • Add some pickled onions
  • Add hot sauce to your One Good Mayo and top it with grilled corn 
  • Make caramelized onions
  • Make sauteed mushrooms
  • Add One Good Cheddar Cheese slice
  • Fry onion slices
  • Sautee palak
  • Add One Good Ranch
  • Add hummus with fried eggplant
  • Add marinara sauce, One Good Parmesan, and olives for a pizza burger
  • Add mint chutney
  • Top it with potato chips for extra crunch
  • Have your classic onion, tomato, pickles, lettuce, and cucumber mix
  • Add BBQ sauce, ketchup, and sliced veggies of your choice
  • Add a thin slice of fried tofu with any dressing
  • Smother it with spicy cashew-based queso
  • Add mustard and relish
  • Add pesto sauce
  • Make garlic bread buns with a generous amount of One Good Butter with garlic powder. Just heat it face down on the pan until it browns!
  • For a healthier way to prepare a burger, try using lettuce instead of buns

Sides to enjoy with a burger

If you’ve had a burger a million times and need something different, try pairing it with these easy-to-make sides for an unforgettable vegan meal:

  • Peri peri fries, classic fries, garlic fries, sweet potato fries
  • Potato chips
  • Sauteed veggies like onion, bell pepper, mushroom, and broccoli 
  • Leafy green salad
  • Watermelon
  • Vegan mac and cheese
  • Onion rings 
  • Grilled corn on the cob
  • Chocolate Mylk to wash it down!

Share this blog with a burger lover and don't forget to check out our all-vegan keema, keema samosa, and nuggets!

You can buy the burger patty here. Comment your favourite way to eat a burger below!

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