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Perfectly Grilled Vegan Chicken Burger Recipe

Are you struggling to do something about your juicy chicken burger craving?

With One Good burger patty, you have everything you want in one burger: the chewiness, the heartiness, and the distinct texture that your regular veggie burger doesn't seem to have. 

It's time to bring back the chicken burger, but vegan! So make this mouthwatering recipe and share this post with someone who loves a good burger. 



  1. Thaw the frozen One Good patty for a few minutes
  2. Cut a burger bun in half
  3. Generously spread One Good butter on each bun
  4. On a hot pan, sear the burger buns until golden brown and crispy
  5. Add a little cooking oil in a hot pan to shallow fry the patty on both sides. Let it cook until golden brown
  6. Spread One Good mayo on the buns
  7. Pile on some lettuce, onion, tomato, and top it off with One Good ranch
  8. Slide a cooked patty on top. Add a thin slice of One Good cheddar cheese on top
  9. Put the bun on top and indulge with dips, chips, fresh veggies, or anything you so desire!
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