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Butter - Premium, Salted - 200 gm

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--- Delivered only in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Delhi ---

One Good butter is the stuff dreams are made of- it's the most delicious buttery spread, perfect right out of the refrigerator.

It might not sound possible, but after you experience just how rich and flavourful each mouthful is, you'll believe in the magic of plants!

And there's nothing restrictive about this butter. It's one of the cleanest label vegan butters around, so use it for butter masala, cookies, pastries, dosas, and anything else that requires butter because this is a one-to-one substitute that'll never fail!

Ingredients: Refined Coconut Oil, Sunflower Oil, Water, Cashews, Salt, Annato, Apple Cider Vinegar

Shelf life: Six months from date of manufacture.

Storage: The product needs to be refrigerated.  Freezing the product is not recommended.

Cruelty-free | Vegan | Non-dairy | Dairy-free | Lactose-free | Soy-free | Animal-free | Zero compromise | Eco-friendly | Guilt-free | Gluten-free | Soft | Smooth | No antibiotics | No hormones | Alternative | Substitute | Zero sugar | Light | Great for baking | Creamy | Silky | Tasty | No trans-fat | Plant-based | Cow-free | Cholesterol-free | Grain-free | Eggless | Melts | Clean label | Healthy | Rich

Customer Reviews

Based on 110 reviews
Best butter alternative

Best butter alternative available in the market, I love eating this along with bread and vegemite, It melts perfectly and completely worth the money!

Rohini Char

I have loved this butter for a while now. The unfortunate part is having moved from Mumbai to Pune means I no longer have access to it as you do not deliver to Pune. If Big Basket Mumbai stocks it why can't BigBasket in Pune stock it?

Please make it available in Pune.

Omkar Jadhav
Amazing butter

Great butter but melts too quickly... taste was great and spreads easily on the bread. Loved it.

Raju Mahtaney
A great product.

It is so good to have butter once again. It’s the REAL thing. Enjoying it. Cheers and thank you b

Athiba Khan

I was on the look out for vegan butter and I'm glad I've found it. Pity, you dont deliver in Mysore. Please consider it.