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Curd - 1 kg

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--- Delivered only in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Mumbai ---

As our first product, this vegan curd has been with us through thick and thick, and continues to out-taste the test of time! Curd has been with us for centuries and has since evolved to be healthier, kinder to animals, and greener to the planet.

How did we do it? We found that vegan cultures mixed with a fresh mound of locally grown peanuts crosses our cherished heritage with modern innovation perfectly. Next thing you know, you've got the unparalleled taste of curd that makes you feel complete on every level! 

So have your curd rice and eat all of it guiltlessly. Because now you can finally indulge in everything from buttermylk, mango lassi, and berry smoothies to hot parathas, veg biryani, and street-style chaat.


Peanuts, Water, Live, and Active Cultures.

Shelf life

30 days from date of manufacture.


The product must be kept refrigerated at all times. After opening, consume within 7 days. Freezing the product is not recommended.

100% vegan | Protein rich | Lactose-free | Preservative-free | Cholesterol-free | Simple | Pure | Clean | Sustainable | Cruelty-free | Rich | Thick | Creamy | Mild flavour | Gluten-free | Soy-free | Non-dairy | Dairy-free | Plant-based | Vegan friendly | Healthy | Eco-friendly | Substitute | Alternative | Animal-free | Cow-free | Planet-friendly | Affordable | Accessible | All natural | Natural | Homemade taste | Wholesome | High quality | Gut healthy | Probiotics | Fermented | Good for digestion | Fresh | Tasty | Oil-free | No salt | Low sodium

Customer Reviews

Based on 369 reviews
Aparna Ashokan

The perfect dahi! Works best as curd rice and in raita.

S Vageeswari

Very good. Everyone at home liked it

Vijay K
Not happy with recent changes to Peanut Curd

I used to be quite happy with Goodmylk's peanut curd. However, the last 4-5 times I have purchased this peanut curd, I have been disappointed with the changes made in the curd. Earlier the peanut curd had a thinner consistency and natural in taste. The peanut curd is now very thick, gelatinous and unnatural in taste. I think I will have to go back to making my own peanut curd

No day without it. Love it.

We use it as curd, for buttermilk, biryani, raita - everything. It’s just amazing. Loved the non thicker version though but no complaints. Excellent product. Thank you very much!

Shankar Srinivasan

Curd - 1 kg