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One of Everything

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Can't decide where to start? Haven't started your journey yet? Too many options? Get it all, try it all, and love it all!


Mylk - 200 ml

Mylk | Chocolate - 200 ml

Mylk | Sure, No Sugar - 200 ml

Ranch - 200 gm

Mayo - 250 gm

Cheddar Cheese - 200 gm

Paneer - 200 gm

Curd - 1 kg

Butter - 200 gm

Parmesan cheese - 100 gm

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Vijaya Ramanujam
Old stock

When the products have shelf life of 5-6 months and having ordered a one of everything ..I would expect the products to be as fresh as possible to get ample time to try out everything..So was disappointed to get them already 4months old from MFG date.

It's okay

I think the sizes of the items could be a bit smaller. For example, we didn't like the cheese at all, so now I have a large piece of it to use up. The peanut curd size could also be smaller. The chocolate milk is awesome and it wasn't enough of a size at all. So some sizing issues could be managed better.