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Mylk Subscription (200 ml - Pack of 5)

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Subscriptions are a convenient way to get your mylk fix every week!

How it works:

All you need to do is place an order, and it'll reach you within 1-2 days. From then on, you'll get a fresh supply of mylk every week! Deliveries will be left at your doorstep early morning, so you'll have your fresh supply before you start your day!

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Srinath Sastry

Mylk Subscription (200 ml - Pack of 5)

dr sanjay rathore
cruelty free harmless non dairy milk

this milk is as good as dairy milk in taste in all possible milk preparation. only concern is cost which will definitely come down once subscription increases to substantial level and making it feasible for manufacturer to reduce cost.

This is what Vishnu sleep on at Kshirasagara

The milk was perfect, doesn't leave the after-milk taste in your mouth when drunk plain and requires severe self-restraint to stop gulping down the cartons one after the other. Mixed beautifully with tea. Hoping for a day this becomes mainstream in the Indian market at competitive prices.

Abhishek Sekhar

Mylk Subscription (200 ml - Pack of 5)

Smooth subscription experience

Have been using Goodmylk for almost 2 years now. Had subscription delivery issues earlier but the last one- 3 months was without any issues.