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Mylk | Sure, No Sugar - 1 L

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Leave the cow alone and the sugar behind with a mylk alternative that's creamier and tastier. Sometimes, less is more!

Experience creative freedom without stressing over your sugar intake. Serve it over ice, add it to your morning coffee or tea, blend it into a smoothie, or mix it into your favourite recipe. There's so many ways to make sugar-free mylk the highlight of your day.

This mylk may be unsweetened, but it's sure sweet to the animals!

100% Vegan | Lactose-free | Preservative Free

Ingredients: Cashew-oat-millet mylk (filtered water, cashews, barnyard millet, oats). Contains 2% or less of: Sunflower oil, Dipotassium phosphate, Calcium Carbonate, Guar gum

Shelf life: Six months from date of manufacture.

Storage: The product can be stored at room temperature. After opening, refrigerate and consume within 3 days. Freezing the product is not recommended.

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews

We switched to a dairy- less diet 5 months back. After trying other brands we chanced on this, after a fair bit of googling! It's creamy, smooth and helps make coffee perfect. Haven't tried making yogurt with this. I do wish we would get smaller packs of peanut curd, half litre or 250 ml. Also do wish the company would make coconut yogurt. Overall, am very satisfied with the product. To me, the company has three great advantages. It's in Bengaluru, delivers the next day of ordering and is very reasonably priced. Keep it up! We vegans need you!

Neha V Sadananda
The best mylk in town!!

The concistancy, the taste and the richness is all there except it not cow milk. This is my favourite brand since I first tasted it and will never be satisfied with any other alternative plant based milk.

Review of No sugar Mylk.

The Mylk was very good.
We loved it.

Kavya Sridharan

Mylk | Sure, No Sugar - 1 L

Ria Sarkar

Mylk | Sure, No Sugar - 1 L