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Ghee - 500 ml
This Ghee is Yummm.

One of the best product I tasted after becoming VEGAN.

Good product

Hygienic tasty and pocket friendly

Fine product

Good taste , hygienic and pocket friendly

This is amazing... pls launch this in Raipur, CG as well 😊

Mylk | Sure, No Sugar - 200 ml (Pack of 5)

Mayo - 250 gm
Ananya M
Simply amazing!

Great taste! Love this!

Looking forward to Mylk Sure Fresh edition

Please begin Sugarless version of Fresh Mylk delivery

2nd best in market of w.r.t taste and affordability among Plant Milks. 1st best w.r.t Male Health

At the equivalent price point, the only affordable plant-based milk which tastes better than this is Soy milk from other major FMCG companies. But the problem with Soy milk is its estrogen content. Soy milk is not advised as a regular diet for men in view of their male health. That is the reason I called it 2nd best w.r.t taste and 1st best w.r.t male health.

Chocolate Bars
Rohit Ramesh

Chocolate bars

Trial Basket
mohan uttamchandani

Trial Basket

Mayo - 250 gm
Raju Mahtaney
Mayo for Vegans

a different flavour from the usual products. am enjoying it. thanks.


Love the texture and the quality. you won't miss the dairy at all.

Parmesan Cheese - 100 gm
Saraswati Pradeep
Parmesan Cheese

Cheese was good and tried to the lasagna and it tasted too good.


I ordered it again.

Ghee - 500 ml
Please start delivering in Bhubaneswar, Odisha

I am a ghee lover so please deliver it in Bhubaneswar, Odisha

Curd - 1 kg
Missing my Peanut curd...

I am in Malaysia since June 2022 and am missing Peanut curd...
Sort of addicted to it..
So tasty and delivery so quick.
Cannot wait to get back and start slurping...

Tastes good

Pretty good (cruelty free) substitute!!

the Newest Ranch dressing.

great taste. please come up with more.

Excellent Product

Tastes great, good price and great service!

The best chocolates ever!

The taste is exceptional especially the country crunch butterscotch's!

Curd - 1 kg
Ravinder Kaur
Quality varies in every buy

Good Mylk Vegan Peanut Curd 1Kg. From time to time I get so disappointed with this curd. Last time I gave such appreciative review about Good mylk Peanut Curd and what I receive in my very next purchase is "totally watery curd" worse than our thick dairy lassi. To make raita for my son I was literally searching for chunks of curd but received all watery peanut milk 😑 Bought 3 boxes. Out of which 2 were wasted boxes. I also make besan curd curry. But then how much will I make for 4 people. Sheer disappointment! Request! Please look into flaws of your preparation.

Amazing product for vegans!

I love this products. Also the website is good and if you are trying to go vegan or you are already vegan, I'd suggest to try OneGoods's plantbased mylks really.

Mayo - 250 gm
Sandra Melwani

Good stuff

Mylk | Sure, No Sugar - 1 L