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Great experience

The milk is great and the delivery system was also amazing

Amazing product as always!

Curd - 1 kg
Chethana Bhaskara
The best curd out there!!!

This onegood's OG and superstar product is my all time favorite. My transitioning vegan family used to love their dairy curd and they find this peanut curd even better in terms of taste and quality!!

Mylk | Sure, No Sugar - 1 L
Narayanan Nagarajan

Mylk | Sure, No Sugar - 1 L

Its ok

I wish the milk was a little bit more creamy.

Fantastic Product

We are a big fan of one good curd since it started :)...received the set curd in perfect condition. Thank you team

Mylk - 1 L
Anita Kamath
Excellent alternate for Milk in my morning coffee

I have this every morning in my coffee and I don't miss milk at all. I carry the 200ml tetrapack when I travel.

Mylk Subscription (200 ml - Pack of 5)

Loved it

Enjoyed pav with butter that my stomach can tolerate after ages!! Cannot explain the joy. Looking forward to buying cheese now.

Multivitamin gummies | Orange Flavour (30 Gummies)

Curd - 1 kg
Geetha Desai

It’s had been good quality curd delivered on time

When in chennai ?

Eagerly waiting for this here as well

Curd - 1 kg
Jayanthi gopal
Peanut curd

I like the new consistency of the peanut curd. Thick and creamy.

Great taste

Great taste and good texture. I am able to enjoy"cheese" again !!

For my bullet proof coffee..

I was looking for a vegan source of mylk for my morning coffee, which has very little of additional stuff. & the journey started back in the year end of 2020 . The customer support is good. This specific mylk very tasty & you can even have it without even adding coffee or tea. Did not get a chance to taste the curd though, I wish it will soon be available in my side of the country.

Mylk | Sure, No Sugar - 1 L
mohan uttamchandani

Mylk | Sure, No Sugar - 1 L

Mylk Sure No Sugar

Standard and quality well maintained. Tastes good with cereals, sweets, coffee, tea etc Value for money. Good customer support. Prompt service. User friendly process of website shopping and payment options. Keep up the good work team Goodmylk - One good

Best cow milk substitute with the benefit of no sugar

This is an excellent substitute for cow milk, with no sugar, better taste and at a very good price when compared to the alternates currently available.

Curd - 1 kg
Neha Satheesan
Love it - the best vegan curd I have bought

The texture is smooth, peanut flavour is hardly evident. I had it plain, made raitha and also added in curry preparation - it worked beautifully in all ways.

The Best Curd ever!

I thought I'll never be able to have curd rice again since I turned Vegan. The south Indian in me has been buying this product regularly since the last 2 years and i keep coming back. This Peanut curd has been a life saver.

Curd - 1 kg
Pinky Kaur
The curd is amazing

I am basically a fruitarian so don’t think anything cooked but my parents were visiting me and I was very clear that I will get dairy at home.. I got One good curd for them and they enjoyed it and did. It even realise that it’s not dairy. Thant You One Good for this. Nkw they have completely switched to this non dairy curd. They are in their 90’s and to make this switch was not easy. But I am glad they loved the taste and are enjoying it.

Curd - 1 kg
Srinivasarao Velivela

Curd - 1 kg

Good one!!

Finally a plant based yoghurt.

Good Milk

As good as any animal milk. But better as it plant based and very healthy.