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About Us

Who we are

We are on a mission to make plant-based food affordable and accessible in India. We deeply believe in a future where animals are viewed as the living, breathing, feeling individuals that they are, and animal agriculture no longer exists.

Meet the Team


Our Story

One Good owes its passionate beginning to Abhay Rangan, a 19 year old vegan activist in 2016. When he was in the middle of an animal rights awareness campaign, someone walked up to him and said 'vegan alternatives are expensive, and so I don't want to be vegan'. While one doesn't need alternatives to be vegan, it made sense that accessible & affordable plant-based options would help reduce friction in adopting plant-based food. This was impetus enough for Abhay to have a conversation with his family, who were also passionate vegans and start One Good (then called Goodmylk). The mother-son duo soon became synonymous with the company name.

Until January 2018, Veena would make peanut curd in their kitchen at home and Abhay would personally deliver them all over Bengaluru. With growing demand, One Good raised their first round of capital in 2018, and engaged with commercial manufacturing facilities for the production of the curd. Abhay’s delivery duties were taken over by two delivery partners, Prashanth I and Lokesh B, who would go onto grow the entire Logistics function of the company.

One Good now needed to become a company which meant acquiring the right talent. Radhika Datt came on as co-founder to solidify structure while Dhivakar Sathyamurthy joined subsequently to lead Operations & Sales. 

One Good strived to make plant-based dairy accessible, experimenting with almond, coconut, soy, quinoa and other mylks before realising that apart from being ‘plant-based’, these alternatives needed to function like their dairy counterparts too. 

One Good has set its sights on creating the next big dairy company in India- minus the animals. They’re just getting started and are excited to bring compassion back to our plates.  


 Social Impact Award, NVC, CU Boulder, 2018

 Best Vegan Curd Award, PETA, 2019