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We’re all about:


1. Making plant-based food affordable and accessible.


When we started out with One Good, we made a promise—we’d make plant-based food affordable and accessible. We then added on to that, saying we’d make it more delicious than every other plant-based dairy product in the Indian market today, whilst remaining as transparent a company as is possible.

With our long term subscription plans, we are able to offer our:

Cashew oat milk—shelf stable—at INR 120/ ltr. (price competitive with organic, A2 milk, and most shelf stable private dairy companies).

Curd at INR 140/ kg (price competitive with pretty much every single private dairy company). As an added bonus, our curd is actually a Set Curd (priced less than our competitor's set curds), while other ones offer a pouch-based broken curd.

What’s more—all this is home delivered, for free!

You don’t have to choose between exorbitantly priced almond milks, and don’t have to settle for the off-taste of soy in everything you eat.


2. High quality, safe products manufactured with care.


Imagine a future where plant-based dairy is the mainstream dairy. It comes with high quality, ultra-safe products that are profitable at scale. This is the future we are working towards.

We have deep insight into plant-based dairy products, from conceptualization to success in the kitchen to success in a commercial plant. These insights come together to create products that are delicious and safe.

Read more about our process here.


3. Creating a future where animal agriculture does not exist.

We share our planet with billions of living, breathing, and feeling individuals. We believe that they deserve to live their lives free from pain and suffering.

Sustainable, scalable revolution—that’s what we think of plant-based food. Remember when humans used to *eat* animals? Our grandkids certainly won’t. It’s time we moved on to cleaner and greener ways to nourish ourselves.


4. Enabling sustainable livelihoods.

We enable sustainable livelihoods by buying locally, ensuring fair pricing for our raw materials, and investing in the well-being of people that make One Good happen.


5. A cleaner, safer environment for all.

Sustainability is important to us. We believe in working to find ways to minimise the footprint we leave behind us and we’re always looking for ways to be more earth-friendly.

We are trying to do our bit by:

  • Ensuring our raw materials are produced locally
  • Ensuring they are processed locally
  • Reducing total package material by converting to flexible packaging wherever possible, both pre and post manufacturing
  • Using recyclable containers as a rule
  • Optimising for product-package ratio with less material per kilogram of product

Being a more conscious company means being more conscious about everything—ingredients, packaging, delivery, and a whole lot of other things.


6. Quadruple Bottomline

We looked at existing frameworks in the industry to define how we would measure and evaluate our footprint on the world. We were disappointed. Most frameworks only evaluated profit, and none evaluated a company’s impact on animals. So we decided to invent our own framework, called the Quadruple Bottomline. Four bottomlines that we evaluate ourselves on. These are the metrics by which we measure our success.


How many sustainable livelihoods are we creating? Are we ensuring everyone in our value chain is safe, happy, and healthy? What more can we be doing?


How much fuel, water, and other natural resources are we consuming? What’s our footprint? What are doing to minimise our net harm and maximise our net good?


What is our impact on animal lives around us? How many animals are we removing from the supply chain? How many people have we helped switch to plant-based food?


How much value are we delivering to our customers and stakeholders? Are we growing sustainably? Are we on track to making plant-based dairy happen at scale?