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Our Process

Our products are natural, safe, fresh, and delicious—they are a mix of culinary art and science, yielding the best possible quality.

Combined with the unprecedented access we’re bringing to the table with our distribution, you’ll have plant-based goodness delivered right to your doorstep. 




We source our peanuts and cashews from Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Most of our ingredients are locally procured.

Much of product quality is really ingredient-dependent. The ‘bad apple’ analogy applies well here. Ingredients need to be—and perform—at their best if we are to have a product that delivers on our promises. We source these ingredients from reputed suppliers.


Manufacturing Facilities


Our production facilities are located all over the country. Much of the product quality depends on the factory. Every factory comes with its own unique machinery, features, team spirit, and culture. We have built relationships with quality facilities that understand our mission-driven nature of work.

You’ve heard of ‘The whole is greater than the sum of its parts’. Deep insight into plant-based manufacturing, and flawless execution is what converts our ingredients into the magic stuff that One Good is made of.





We add flavour, stabiliisers, and fortificants, depending on the product we are manufacturing. 

We then heat-treat our product to kill germs. This is done prior to packaging. We use either UHT or pasteurisation to make One Good mylk safe for you to consume. 




We select our packaging carefully to ensure the safety of our products. But that's not where it stops. We work with lightweight packaging, maximise our product-to-packaging weight ratio, ensure compatibility with shelf stability, and ensure recyclability.

Being in the food space means having to deal with disposable. We want to do our part to be responsible with the waste we generate.

Plant-based dairy needs different upstream processes than dairy, and we use One Good-owned and installed machines at our partner facilities to ensure this step is performed well.

A lot of downstream plant-based dairy processing is like the ‘other’ dairy processing. The same rules apply.

Our yoghurt isn’t shelf stable. That’s a good thing, because it’s probiotic. We don’t use acid to curdle our mylk. We use a carefully controlled strain of good bacteria that convert our mylk into the Desi Curd that you love.




If you’ve subscribed to our products via our website, you’ve likely met the people behind our delivery service.

In addition to availing free delivery and discounting products, a big advantage to our subscription system is that you can actually return our packs. The onus of recycling our packaging is on us (pun intended).

In the interest of increasing accessibility, we’re working hard on getting One Good to a store near you. Stay tuned here for updates.